107 Year old lady gets Enrolled for AADHAAR!

There has been news coming from Kota, Jaipur that a lady aged 107 years visited the enrollment centre for getting her Aadhaar card. The employees and the people present at the enrollment centre were shocked the see an incident like this. The name of the lady was Sajjan Kanwar and she also brought her 66 years old daughter whose name was Rajeshwari. Saajan Kanwar is a beneficiary of one of the pension schemes which is based on aadhaar card that’s why she needed aadhaar for herself so that she can take advantage of this scheme.

107 Year old lady gets Enrolled for AADHAAR! 1The people of Mirganj, Bihar are getting a lot of flaws in their aadhaar cards. A lot of details like name, address of the people are incorrectly on the aadhar card which has changed the identities of the people. The problem is prevailing again and again as people have already submitted their proof of identity to solve this issue. The enrollment process is being processed in a school from quite a long time but incorrect details of people are stored. The officials are asking for proofs of the identity of the individuals who are having incorrect details printed on their aadhar cards but even after providing the proof, the mistake is not corrected and wrong details are printed.

Ajmer’s district collector checked the Status of Aadhaar in the district. The state government has started a pilot project which is based on Direct Benefit Scheme with the help of which all the benefits which the beneficiaries were supposed to get are directly transferred in the aadhar linked bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

The district collector also said that to the officials of health and education department that the scholarship for post metric students and money under Janani Suraksha Yojana scheme will be directly transferred into bank accounts of the students and ladies who have linked their aadhar cards to take benefit from these schemes. He also added that the government won’t be directly providing cash and will only make the payment directly into the bank accounts. He asked the officials to provide every help to the people of the district so that they can get their bank accounts opened without any delay and problems. He further added that campaigns will be run so that the work can be completed without any problem to the common people and there is no chance of any mistake.

Updated: April 26, 2019 — 12:09 pm

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