Information In Aadhaar Card Can Not Be Considered As Final Proof : Lucknow Highcourt

Recently A FIR filled in Sujauli police station about abduction of a female by her mother. In this Matter The Case was appeared in Lucknow Highcourt and Judge panel Ajai Lamba and Rajeev Singh said that “Aadhaar Card Can Not Be Considered As A Conclusive Proof in Criminal Cases”.

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What Was The Case ?

In The case, Woman Filed FIR in Sujauli Police station for kidnapping and abduction of her mature daughter. She Said that Some man and her family kidnapped her daughter but as police investigated, There’s no trace of kidnapping. As per investigation Daughter married that guy and her mother was not accepting their marriage and relationship so she filed complaint against the man and his family.

In the Investigation Highcourt had found that the female’s and male’s DOB is 1st January 1999 & 1st January 1997 Respectively. So the court was intrigued by the date 1st January and in further investigation found that this date is in many aadhaar cards and it cant be true so court asked UIDAI to clarify this situation.

UIDAI Lucknow regional office deputy director Jasmine filed affidavit and appeared in the court to clarify the information glitch. In the Court she said “Person who enrolled for any service after providing biometrics and documents only he or she can obtain that service (Subsidy or services) by declaring aadhaar number. When Person enrolls for aadhaar card, If a that resident does not have a valid DOB document, then its considered as a 1st january and the year would be defined by verbal communication between enrollment center and the resident.”


So, A bench of justices Ajai Lamba and Rajeev Singh said, “If a person relies on Aadhaar entries as proof of address and date of birth, these cannot be considered conclusive proof under the Evidence Act.”


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Updated: January 27, 2019 — 12:10 pm

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