UIDAI Says: Aadhaar is not Mandatory for School Admission !!


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New Delhi: UIDAI is the pinnacle association which is provided regarding Aadhaar services and news. Periodically it has become necessary to make Aadhar related verdicts.

Recently Unique Identification Authority of India has tweeted “Aadhaar is not Necessarily for Admission in Nurseries” on their official tweeter account.


Aadhaar is not mandatory for nursery child


declared their decision In the presence of media, “During school admission, if the child does not have a biometric Aadhar, their admission will not be denied”

UIDAI has strictly warned to the school authorities and association to tighten that it will be against the Supreme Court if you will force the students to demand a 12-digit Aadhaar card for admission. by taking this judgment into meditation, enrollment in nursery and entry level classes has started in more than 1,600 private schools in Delhi.

Although it’s heard that one document is compulsorily required to have during admission in the school of the nursery and entry-level class kids.

UIDAI says This news is dedicated to only those Association & School who are demanded Aadhaar to an admission of the nursery child.


The CEO of UIDAI is Ajay Bhushan Pandey told Press Trust of India (PTI), it’s not right as per the provision of law, that school admission and other facilities can’t be made conditional to the production of Aadhaar. and if he does then arrange special camp for Aadhaar enrolment in the school.


If any school authorities would insist to the child, Aadhaar is required during admission !! legal procedures will be done on them. – says Supreme court of India.


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Aadhaar Enabled Payments Service – UIDAI


Command of Supreme Court

SC asks, in September of 2018, to keep the Aadhaar constitutional validity (Bhartiya Bandharan) as it is. but do not mandatory to require Aadhaar to link bank accounts, school admission, mobile connection, filling of income tax (IT) returns, as well as welfare schemes.

various government examinations such as the medical entrance test, CBSE, JEE, NEET which is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Examination would not compulsory to have an Aadhaar card during an examination.



You got the one thing that any associations or schools can not make Aadhaar mandatory for admissions. it means there is no precondition to provide a 12-digit biometric number before the children are enrolled. Now you can admit your child in the school without any identity except birth certificate. we hope you like this article. If you want to discuss on this topic !! just drop your suggestion / questions in below given comment section.

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