Aadhaar Becomes Significant Document for Indians to Travelling Bhutan and Nepal – Home Ministry

Hello readers how are you! hope you will be fine. today we gonna informed you as per the media gupshup, Aadhaar becomes a significant document for those Indian people who are under 15 years and above 65 years of age wants to travel neighbouring countries such Bhutan and Nepal.


Use your Aadhaar card for travelling to bhutan and nepal


Earlier, people under 15 and above 65 years of age could present their Election card, Passport, PAN card, Driving License and Ration card as proof instead of Aadhaar card. means at that time Aadhaar were not legitimate. but recently announced by Home Ministry communique that Aadhaar card which furnished by Unique Identification Authority of India will have the absolute valid document for travelling to Bhutan and Nepal. That means You need to have compulsorily Aadhaar for visiting mentioned countries. As we all know there no need a visa to enter in Bhutan and Nepal if visitors have a genuine valid passport which issued by the Indian government otherwise had a Voter ID card issued by Election Commission of India.


What Leading Newspaper Says Regarding This News!!



 Indians under 15, over 65 can now use Aadhaar to visit Nepal & Bhutan.



Indian citizens going to Nepal and Bhutan don’t need a visa if they have a valid passport, a photo identity card issued by the government of India or an election ID card issued by the Election Commission, it added.



Aadhaar is now passport to Nepal and Bhutan.


For that visitant may be issued Identity certificate and Emergency certificate by the Indian Embassy in Nepal however it should be kept in mind as well. it will be juridical for back to India from Nepal. Those travellers who’re age between 15 to 18 years can show Identity certificate (School ID) which issued by their school principal while travelling India to Nepal or Bhutan. but the Question is What about families travelling to Nepal or Bhutan together! Only one head of the family member should have valid travel papers and other member have Photographic Identity Proof (Ration card, Driving License Etc.) that could substantiate their relation with each other.


In short, you can use your Aadhaar card as a Passport for visiting Bhutan and Nepal neighbouring countries of India.


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