Aadhaar Mandatory for Marriage & Land Registration!

The Delhi government has already decided to make aadhaar mandatory for people if they want to register their marriage and property. The state of Jharkhand is also walking on the footsteps of Delhi and have made Aadhaar Mandatory for Registration of Land & Marriage. The registration department has also been informed about the new changes that are brought to the system. Under the new scheme launched by the government both the buyer and seller are required to present their Aadhaar card while registering the property and moreover the witnesses present there should also carry their aadhar card with themselves.

Aadhaar Mandatory for Marriage & Land Registration! 1

If any of the above mentioned people fail to present aadhaar while registration of the property, the process won’t be completed. There are still a large number of people who haven’t received their aadhar cards yet, so the government has decided to implement the scheme from January 1, 2014. If any of the individuals which are involved in the registration of the property, has his/her card but denies to present it, it will be considered as an offence and an FIR will also be filed against that individual.

The state of Jharkhand has not only made aadhar mandatory for marriage and property registration, but the students who want to take advantage of their pre matric & post matric scholarships program also need to enrol and present aadhar card as one of the Required Documents. A review meeting of E-Kalyan Yojana was held last week when this decision was taken. The students who wish to take benefit of these scholarship programs will get their bank accounts linked with their aadhar cards and all the benefits that they will get from this scholarships will be directly transferred into their aadhar linked bank accounts. The linking of bank accounts with the aadhar cards will make the entire process fast and transparent.

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The students of JNU are constantly opposing aadhar project. But the government has issued a new circular under which the students have to enrol for aadhar card in order to take all the scholarship benefits. The students criticized the circular before it was made official as UGC already had decided to link aadhaar with all the scholarship programs. The JNU student’s union is still not in favour of aadhar project as they think that it will only cause fatigue to the daily lives of the students. JNU students were not having any idea about the aadhaar project, but now as the government has made compulsory to obtain aadhar for getting benefits of all the scholarship programs they are compelled to register themselves for their Unique Identity Number.

Updated: April 26, 2019 — 11:26 am

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