[Breaking News] Aadhaar to be linked with Driving License is Compulsory – Ravi Shankar Prasad

Breaking News | 7-01-2019: Ravi Shankar Prasad – The Union & Electronics and Information Technology Minister has announced in media to link Driving License with Aadhaar card is compulsory to puzzle of corresponding and fraudulent documents. He added that the government of India’s law will soon be admitted for necessary linking of Aadhaar card to Driving License and we are going to major changes in the law of which bill is pending in Lok Sabha.


Ravi shankar prasad infront of media to talk about Aadhaar linking with Driving License is mandatory


As we all know that Aadhaar is the biggest transformation to verify the Identification of any Particular. motor vehicle licenses linking with sophisticated Aadhaar is mandatory is subject to severe opinion. Here are a few things need to keep in your mind about the Aadhaar-DL linking law.


  • Ward off the Duplication: Avoiding of all illegal duplications license is the main reason for linking Aadhaar-Driving License. Nowadays there is common to get a duplicate license by fraud agents. so this is a logic of burden for the transport department as lot’s of people have misused the document.


  • Superior Recognition: A person escapes from the accident spot and applies for the duplicate license instantly survives himself. but if their Driving License can be linked with Aadhaar card, he can change his name not their biometrics details as well. at last, he will be caught


  • Amount of Fines: Many peoples are avoided to paying the penalties and extend their duration or applies for a new driving license if the amount is too high, in this situation linking Aadhaar with Driving License will help to catch them.


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Aadhaar Card Linking With Driving License


Link Aadhaar With Driving License Online

Link Aadhaar Card With Driving Licence

DL linking with Aadhaar the main benefit has got a person’s biometrics & iris data are also connected with motor vehicle licenses. that can through if any person applies for a duplicate license with a different name! transport system will identify that he already has a driving license. That means a person can apply for a fake license with the various name but did not change their biometrics or fingerprints details.


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Ravi Shankar Prasad has been praised in “Digital India Programme” that India has become digital profile, there is currently 123 crore Aadhaar card holder, 44.6 crore Smartphone user and 56 crore Internet user are stated in India. it has been 51% growth in E-Commerce. Aadhaar seeding with Driving License had helped India successfully platform its Urban-Rural divide.

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