UIDAI Aadhaar Services: What is UIDAI? UIDAI Meaning And Full Form 2019!

About Unique Identification Authority Of India – UIDAI

Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI is a government body which was established in 2009. The agency was established with the aim to provide a unique identity to the citizens of India. The agency is known to provide the individuals with a platform to digitally authenticate the identity from any place and at any point in time. UIDAI is an establishment by the central government which collects biometric and demographic data of the residents of the country. The agency is aimed to provide a 12 digit unique identification number called Aadhar card. This is actually the world’s largest project carried on for National Identification Number.


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What are the functions of UIDAI?

As prescribed by the government, UIDAI is supposed to take care of and handle all the policies and plans related to the issue of the unique identification number to the citizens. The main functions of the agency are as follows.

  1. It owns and operates the entire database of UID.
  2. The agency serves as a platform where residents can get their online pre-registration of aadhar number done.
  3. It also provides individuals with a platform where they can check their aadhar card status
  4. The agency is also known to handle the responsibility of updating and maintaining the database based on the aadhar applications. This is done both online and offline.
  5. The agency also implements the UID schemes.
  6. It also generates and assigns the unique identification number to the residents.
  7. It also defines the mechanism and interlinks the databases of partners.
  8. It also manages and operates the life cycle stages of all the issued UIDs.
  9. The agency is also known to formulate the policies of the UID mechanism.
  10. It also describes the usage of UID for various services.

So these are some of the main functions that are performed by UIDAI. It can be said that it shoulders the responsibility of managing and operating the entire mechanism of the issuing of UIDs.


What is the mission of UIDAI?

UIDAI was established with the vision to accomplish the certain mission which can be described in the following points.

  1. It aims to deliver aadhar number to every citizen of India.
  2. It also aims to collaborate with all the partners and provide a good infrastructure for the citizens to update and authenticate their digital identity.
  3. One of the main objectives of UIDIA is to serve the residents equitably, effectively and efficiently.
  4. The agency also provides a platform to encourage public and private ones to develop various applications linked with aadhar.
  5. UIDAI also ensures scalability, resilience, and availability of technological infrastructure.
  6. The agency aims to establish a long-term organization which is needed to carry forward and sustain the vision and values of UIDAI.


Aadhar Online ServicesWhat to Do
Apply for AadhaarGet a Duplicate Copy of Lost Aadhaar Card
Track Aadhaar StatusmAadhaar App Download
Download Aadhar Card & PrintRequired Documents For Aadhaar Registration/Correction
SSUP Update/Correct Aadhar DetailsSolve Incorrect URN Number Error !!
Apply for Aadhaar for Kids/Minor To Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online
Find Aadhaar Enrolment CentreTo Lock/Unlock Aadhaar Biometrics Online
Check Aadhar Update StatusAadhar Card Password Not Working
Generate Virtual ID (VID)To check EPF Balance Online
Check Aadhar URN StatusTo Solve Aadhaar Update Request Rejection
Get PVC Aadhar Card HereTo Check Aadhaar Authentication History
Verify Email/Mobile NumberTo Unlink Aadhaar Card from PAYTM


Values of UIDAI

The core values of UIDAI can be summed up into the following points:

  • To value integrity.
  • To build an inclusive nation.
  • To establish and value a collaborative approach.
  • To serve the citizens of the country efficiently with its
  • To put in more effort to improve the quality of services provided.
  • To strive towards innovation and provide a similar platform to partners.
  • To make the agency and its operations transparent to everyone.


What is the importance of Aadhar?

Aadhar as a document is extremely crucial in today’s times. It contains a unique identification number which is assigned to every resident to India in order to prevent duplicate and fake identities. This can be verified from any place and at any time. Back in 2010, the government declared that the aadhar number, name and address issued by UIDAI is a mandatory and valid document. According to the government of India, every citizen must possess an aadhar number. However, you should be informed that it cannot replace any other documents that are used in the present. The government has made it mandatory to link your aadhar card with your bank account, mobile number, and LPG connection. This is done in order to enhance the security and safety of the country. Individuals having an aadhar card can enjoy various privileges from the government. Similarly, without the possession of it, you will be banned from enjoying any of the perks and facilities. You can even face serious consequences for the same. Therefore, it is important that you should have your aadhar ready.


Things You Should Know About Your Aadhar

Here are a few important things that you need to know about your aadhar card.

  1. The unique identification number on your aadhar card will never start with zero or one. In fact, it has many profiling numbers so that no one can practice identity fraud or theft with it.
  2. With the help of this unique identification number, one can enjoy various benefits from the government. Some of the benefits include digital lockers, e-sign, pension schemes, NSAP, the universal account number under the EPFO and other services like getting a new sim card for your phone or opening a new bank account.
  3. According to the UIDAI site, an aadhar cardholder can check the credentials that are linked with their aadhar number. The service provided by the UIDAI site is very user-friendly.
  4. Residents who have already registered for the national population do not have to register for aadhar card again.
  5. According to statistics, near about 1.12 billion people have their aadhar numbers and another 1.07 billion have it authenticated. The government has already spent more than 5630 crores in order to issue 786.5 million aadhar numbers.

Aadhar number is important for every citizen of India. If you don’t want to miss out on the privileges provided by the government then you should apply for it now.

Overall, it can be concluded that UIDAI is a central government agency which has been given the responsibility of issuing aadhar numbers to every citizen of the country. It has provided us with a platform to authenticate our UIDs.

Updated: May 18, 2019 — 12:21 pm

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