Afzal Guru’s son got Aadhar card & Said : Proud of Being Indian

Afzal Guru’s son, convicted of terror attack on Parliament, wants to serve the country by becoming a doctor now. After this he has applied for a passport. He said that he would be very happy if he gets a passport. Along with that, Ghalib said that I am proud to be an Indian and would be more proud of getting a passport. Ghalib is currently living with his maternal grandfather Muhammad and mother Tabusum on the hills of Gulshanabad.


Afzal Guru's son got Aadhar card & Said : Proud of Being Indian 1


Mother saved her from becoming a terrorist

Ghalib said that after the execution of his father, he was provoked enough to take revenge. But his mother saved him from becoming a terrorist. The son of Afzal Guru Ghalib Guru passed the 10th and 12th examination with good marks. Ghalib said that he wants to become a doctor and he is preparing for the Medical Entrance Examination (NEET) to be held on May 5, 2019. They hope that they will be selected in this examination. If he does not get medical admission in India then he wants to go abroad and study medical.

afzal guru's son got aadhar card

Want to go Abroad and complete Father’s incomplete Dream

Ghalib told that he could get scholarships from a college in Turkey. They need an Indian passport to go abroad and study medical and get scholarships from foreign universities. Ghalib points out that after hanging his father Afzal Guru, the active terrorist organizations in the valley provoked him very much to take revenge for his father’s death. Many times efforts have been made to wash their mind. The purpose of these organizations was to make Ghalib terrorists and experiment against India. Ghalib said that we have learned a lot from the mistakes made in the past. So he escaped from the traps of terrorists. He gives credit to his mother. According to Ghalib, his mother saved him from becoming a terrorist.

According to Ghalib, he wants to fulfil his father’s incomplete dream. He told that his father wanted to become a doctor, but he could not complete his medical career. So now he wants to fulfil his father’s dream by completing his medical studies.

Afzal Guru's son got Aadhar card & Said : Proud of Being Indian 2


When They attacked Parliament?

It is significant that in the terror attack on the Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001, 9 people, including the guard of the Parliament building and the Delhi Police, were martyred. To attack Parliament, five terrorists entered the White Ambesmar car inside. After penetrating inside, the terrorists shook the entire country by firing in the Parliament House and showering grenades. Terrorists playing bloody games in Parliament for about 45 minutes, until they were killed.


when they attacked parliament ?


Afzal Guru was the mastermind of this attack. He later arrested the case and arrested him, in which he was sentenced to death. Ja’ish-e-Mohammad has been named as Afzal Guru Suicide Squad, which includes suicide bombers. It is said that the same suicide squad attacked the CRPF convoy in Pulwama.

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