No Document Needed: Apply for Aadhar Card Without Any Documents!

You don’t have sufficient documents for enrolling Aadhar card?

Do you want to make an Aadhar card without submitting necessary documents?

Is it possible to get Aadhar card Without Any Documents!

A big YES!

Then, you are at the right place, Here you will get each & every detail about applying for Aadhar card without any documents! Let’s start.

No Document Needed: Apply for Aadhar Card Without Any Documents! 1

It must be well known to all that Aadhar is a very important document in the present world. You will have no existence if you do not possess a valid Aadhar Card. The 12 digit card has great significance. But sometimes there may be a situation when you do not have a valid document that can be submitted while preparing an Aadhar card.

Now there is a complete solution to your problem. There are some ways in which your problem can be solved instantly. Indian Government has introduced some simple steps in which the process of issuing an Aadhar card can be made easily and smoothly. Apparently, it may appear to be a tough matter but ultimately it is a very legitimate step.


How to apply for Aadhar card even without proper documents:

Residents who do not have a proper and valid Voter Identity Card or Ration card, etc can easily get an Aadhar Card. It is possible only with the help of an “introducer”. Yes, an introducer is such a person who is either notified or authorized by a Regional Office. He is the only person who can help an individual in such a case.

In most of the case, the introducer has some responsibilities and duties that must be fulfilled by him.

  • The introducer is bound to attend all type of workshops that are organized by UIDAI or other Governmental bodies. In this type of workshops, he will be intimated about his rights and duties very clearly.
  • The introducer has to submit a written consent before the UIDAI in which he will clearly state that he owes the responsibility of the introducer. This should be clearly laid down.
  • The introducers should also make it clear that their phone numbers or contact numbers in the Enrolment Centres.
  • The introducer should also be available during the working hours or days of the enrolment centre. This is very essential and it should be maintained.
  • Further, the introducer should also check the residential address of the resident before authorizing him.
  • No charge! can be demanded by the introducer for their services. This is highly illegal. If caught strict actions can be taken against him.
  • The introducer should also produce his or her biometric on the Aadhar card. All these formalities should be fulfilled before proceeding on the matter.


Who Can be an Introducer?

There are certain categories of individual who can be nominated as “introducers”. It should be known to all the common people of India.

  1. Introducers can be Registrars employee.
  2. Postman, NGO workers, teachers, local Government employees or even Anganwadi employees can be introducers. They possess the absolute right of becoming introducers.
  3. Sometimes UIDAI takes the complete initiative to gather people for becoming introducers to the residents. It is quite possible.
  4. Each and every introducer should be somehow linked with the Registrar.
  5. The Registrar holds the right to use an introducer more than once. It solely depends upon the discretion of the Registrar.
  6. On the other side, an introducer can only use a resident within the jurisdiction of the Registrar and not in other places.
  7. Even the head of the family can also become an introducer if he so desires. He can introduce his resident very easily.
  8. In such a case, the head of the family should have a valid Aadhar card. If required the head has to introduce valid documents to prove the relation between him and the resident.
  9. He should also be present in the enrolment centre during the working hours if required.
  10. With the completion of the whole procedure, the resident will be given an acknowledgement receipt that may be used while checking the status of the Aadhar card. It should be kept with good care.
  11. Even online mode can be availed for checking the status of the Aadhar card.

In short, it can be correctly said, that with the introduction of introducer any person can get a valid Aadhar card without a Legal Document. But the introducer should be a valid person with all required documents. Don’t wait anymore. Choose an introducer and get your Aadhar card immediately!

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