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In the country like India, every individual citizen should have proper identification such Aadhar card. Aadhar holder should check their Aadhar card status after applying of the Aadhar. so currently there are lot’s of options are avail to check Aadhar card status from the online web portal. UIDAI has to provide us with the facility to Check Aadhar card status online via their official website It’s a very very simple method even illiterate people with good internet skill can follow this process. Let’s discuss how Aadhar holder can know his Aadhar card status online without any hesitation by providing some necessary details.


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Steps to Check Aadhar Card Status Online!

Once you requested for Aadhaar card at enrolment centre, you will get acknowledgement receipt through you can check your Aadhaar card status online via the official website and also offline as well. and the good part is it’s extremely free & no cost. You should provide an enrolment number to check your Aadhar card Status onlineJust follow below given simple steps to check the status of your Aadhar card online.

  1. Go to google and type UIDAI which is an official website of Aadhaar card.
    check aadhar card status step - 1
  2. Then click on “Check Aadhaar Status” option which is available in Aadhaar Enrolment section at the left side of the page.
    check aadhar card status step - 2
  3. After clicking on Check Aadhaar Status option you will display the page where you will have to enter the enrolment number, date of birth (date/month/year) and security code. then click on “Check Status” button.
    check aadhar card status step - 3
  4. If your Aadhaar card is generated you will get a message like “Congratulation! Your Aadhaar is Generated.
    check aadhar card status step - 4
  5. Two ways you can Download e-Aadhar at the online portal.
    I) Download Aadhaar: You can download an electronic version of your Aadhaar card (In PDF Format) by click on this option.
    II) Get Aadhaar on Mobile: by clicking on this option you will get the soft copy of Aadhaar on your registered mobile number.


Get Aadhar Card Status through Mobile SMS and Mobile phone

Check Aadhar Card Status | Check Your Newly Generated Aadhar Status - 1If you don’t have any internet connection, then the above information has no role for you. As we know the fact that more than 70% of people are not using any internet connection still in this modern era but more than 90% of individuals are using mobile phones. If you come in this second category, then take a sigh of relief and just use your cell phone for tracking your UID number status. This system is specially designed for people living in remote areas. Let’s move ahead and check the steps required to be followed for tracking the Aadhar card through a mobile SMS:

  • First, know the process of sending SMS
  • After this, write a message in the mobile message box in a particular format but make sure you must have a registered mobile number before sending any message
  • Write a message in a format i.e. “UID STATUS <14 Digit Enrollment Number>
  • Make sure to check your message twice or thrice before it sends to “51969
  • Now you will receive a message showing your 12 digits Aadhar number in a case where your Aadhar card is generated.
  • In a case, your Aadhar card is in process mode, then you will a message showing “not yet processed.”


Check Aadhar Card Status Without Enrolment Details

  • Open the official website of UIDAI [Click Here]
  • Click on “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” option which is listed on “Enrol & Get Your Aadhaar” sectionCheck Aadhar Card Status Without Enrolment ID
  • There you will get an option to find lost Aadhaar number (UID) & Enrolment number (EID) in “Select UID/EID” section at the left side of the page.check aadhar card status without enrolment number (EID) step - 2
  • Enter the details such as name, either email ID or mobile number, security code.check aadhar card status without enrolment number (EID) step - 3
  • Now you will receive OTP on your mobile number or Email ID.
    Check Aadhar Card Status | Check Your Newly Generated Aadhar Status - 2
  • Enter & verified OTP and click on “Send OTP” option.
  • You will get your lost Aadhaar number or Enrolment number to the registered Email ID or Mobile number of the Aadhaar holder.
    Check Aadhar Card Status | Check Your Newly Generated Aadhar Status - 3
  • Now the Aadhaar holder can Check Aadhar Card Status using Enrolment number.


Verify Aadhar Mobile Number Online

People can check their Aadhar card status by mobile number. if you go through this method, your mobile number must be verified first. let’s have a follow these steps via which the mobile number of the Aadhar holder can easily be verified.

Open UIDAI website by clicking Here.

Then select the option “Aadhaar Services” which appear at bottom of the page displays a link to Download E-Aadhaar Update.

after clicking on above given link you will be redirected to the Aadhaar KIOSK page.

Then you need to click on the “Verify Email/Mobile” option that displays on the right side of the webpage.

There you will asked to verify your mobile number.

Enter your 12 digits Aadhaar number, mobile number and email ID.

Now you will have to click on “Generate Verification Code” option which appears on your screen.

You will receive verification code on your mobile number. simply enter received verification code on the webpage.

At the end of the process click on “Verify” option and complete Verify Aadhar Mobile Number Online process.



Check Aadhar Card Status By Name & Date of Birth!

  • When you apply for new Aadhar card, you will get acknowledgement receipt along with Enrolment number. which through you can track your Aadhar card status at the UIDAI website.
  • When you updating your Aadhar card details online, you will get URN – Update Request Number that can be used to check Aadhar card status at KIOSK – Resident Portal.


How To Check Aadhar Card Status Using Enrolment ID (EID)?

Aadhaar holder can check their eAadhaar card status online and offline. Once your Aadhaar is generated at the enrolment centre, the applicant can follow these below given steps to check Aadhar card status using Enrolment ID. it’s quite easy and simple. if you got any error during following steps just ask your queries in below comment section at the end of this page.

Visit the official website of UIDAI (

Fill your enrolment number and date and time of enrolment

Enter the security code

Then click on “Check Status” button

In case you Aadhar is generated you will display the status of your Aadhar card on your screen.


Know Aadhar Card Status by Calling Aadhar Toll-Free Number!

You can check your Aadhar card status by using the toll-free number issued by the Indian government. In fact, this is one of the best methods of checking the Aadhar card status among others as this approach can be used by anyone, regardless of having a good internet connection, mobile phone and more. In other words, it is the unique way offered by the uidai authority to check your Aadhar card status. So if you have a phone, then you can make a call on a toll-free number and instantly know your Aadhar card status.

Toll-Free Number for Knowing the Aadhar Card Status: 1800 300 1947

The above discussion comprises all the information assumed to be known as a user point of view in regards to Aadhar card status. All the information provided in different sub-sections is valid and authentic if you applied for the first time or applied for aadhar card changes. You can freely suggest and share it with others. In a case, being not able to satisfy, please move to another option mentioned above for tracking Aadhar number.


=: FAQs :=

Aadhar Card Status


I) How to check Aadhar card status?

Ans: Many ways you can check your Aadhar cars status by visiting the official website, call through 1947 even you can reach at your area post office to track the status of your Aadhar.


II) What is Aadhar card status Enquiry Phone number?

Ans: Enquiry for your newly generated Aadhar card call on 1947 or 1800 300 1947 (Both numbers are Toll-Free)


III) Is it possible to check my Aadhar cars status through India post?

Ans: You will have to send your Aadhar cars details such as enrolment number and date & time of enrolment by post. you will respond from India post by courier at your registered residential address.


IV) How many days will I get my fresh generated Aadhar card?

Ans: Within 90 days you will get your Aadhar card at the date of your enrolment.


V) Is it possible to check my Aadhar status without a mobile number online?

Ans: No. if you wants your status of your Aadhar through online, your mobile number must be registered. otherwise, you can visit your nearest enrolment centre to check your Aadhar card status.


VI) What is Aadhar URN number? and where will you get it?

Ans:  When you are requested for Aadhar card at the enrolment place, you will get update request number – URN that can through you check the status of your Aadhar.


VII) How can I check the Aadhar biometric lock/unlock status online?

Ans: You can check your Aadhar biometric status by visiting official website where you have to provide your 16 digits Virtual Identification Number (VID) and OTP to check enabled or disabled status of your Aadhar card.

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