Know the difference between Aadhaar and E-Aadhaar

Aadhaar is a very important document for the Indians. There are a lot of places and services, where it is used. As we all know that there are two modes of them. So, most of the people have this confusion that what is the difference between Aadhaar and E-Aadhaar. In the section below we have discussed the same. Once you will read the points, you will come to know about the differences between the two modes.

Know the difference between Aadhaar and E-Aadhaar 1

  1. The first and easily noticeable difference between the two cards is that the Aadhaar card is a card to be carried or in other words, a physical card and the E-Aadhaar is something you could not carry with yourself. There are different advantages and disadvantages for both of them. In the case of the E-aadhaar, you need a proper internet connection wherever you go, while you could hold the Aadhaar card in your hands. However, an Aadhaar card could be misplaced easily and this is not the case with the E-aadhaar. You could download the file and could save it on your mobile phone, tablet or any other device.
  2. The difference between the two of these cards could be understood by illustrating different examples. We could consider a situation, where a person is going to do some really important activity and he or she forgets the Aadhaar card at some place. Now, in this case, your E-Aadhaar will help you in doing your important work. Suppose, you are entering on the Airport, you could show your E-aadhaar and then could get the entry.
  3. The other situation related to the Aadhaar card could be the one when a person changes, his or her address, name or any of the demographic detail. In this case, you need to update it in your Aadhaar card. Well, after the update is done, you won’t receive any new card from the UIDAI. You need to get it printed by yourself and till then you are bound to use the old card only. This is not in the case of E-aadhaar. Once you have updated your demographic details, you could visit the UIDAI’s official site and then could download your updated E-aadhaar. Once you have the updated E-aadhaar with you, it could be used at various places.
  4. The most important thing to discuss is what happens when a person loses his or her Aadhaar card. In this situation, you need to register a complaint and the UIDAI will send you the card. You will have to pay a fee of 50 rupees for this. After reading the previous line the procedure of the reissuing of the Aadhaar card might have sounded easy to you. You could obviously pay the fees it takes, but you might not be able to wait for the time it takes for the arrival of the card. The scene is completely different in the case of the E-aadhaar.

So, these are the differences between the two modes of Aadhars. One could obviously choose one according to their convenience, but carrying an E-aadhaar with you is better.

Updated: May 4, 2019 — 9:50 am

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