How to Solve Aadhaar Authentication Not Successful In Digitize India?

Wait. Are you facing any problem while authenticating the Aadhaar card In the digitizeindia account registration form? Don’t worry here is the perfect solution to your problem. In fact, there are ample people who usually face this common problem and ultimately they get confused with the whole things. Authentication of Aadhaar is quite important because without proper verification there is no value of your card.

India is fast moving in the technology world by making the latest inventions. There is some updated technologies and devices that can make the work much smoother and easier for a person. The only thing required is proper knowledge.

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Process To Fix The Digitize India Aadhaar Authentication Not Successful 

Let us follow these simple steps that can make the whole process of authentication a successful one. It’s very simple and easy at the same time.

  • How To Fix Aadhaar Authentication not Successful in Digitize India: Step By Step Process
  1. Before solving this case you must be well sure about your internet connection. Further, you should rely on using Google Chrome than any other mode. Try to open the website through your laptop or PC. Your phone may not be the appropriate device for opening the website.
  2. Sometimes there may appear that” your connection is not private”. Don’t be upset with it. Refresh the page and try it again. You will definitely open it.
  3. Visit the Digitize India Official Portal. And click on “Register” Button.
    How to Solve Aadhaar Authentication Not Successful In Digitize India? 2
  4. Soon you will see that a page will appear on the website. The page will constitute a form. Simply fill up the form along with your name, date of birth and Aadhaar card details. Now don’t click on the “Validate Aadhar”.
    How to Solve Aadhaar Authentication Not Successful In Digitize India? 3
  5. You will see that certain fields are disabled and below an option will appear as “Register”. Click on it.
  6. Right click on the disabled text and select the last option of the menu that states” Inspect”. You will soon see that the page will change instantly. Now double click on the disabled part and erase it completely.
    How to Solve Aadhaar Authentication Not Successful In Digitize India? 4
  7. Again click on the username and you will soon observe that the text appears to be editable and not disabled and other related comments.
  8. Proceed with it by adding the username and repeat the same process for other left fields. Right-click in each field and remove the disabled ones.
  9. Right, click on the text that states that “By registering I agree to digitize India Platforms Terms and Conditions”.
    How to Solve Aadhaar Authentication Not Successful In Digitize India? 5
  10. Soon you will notice that it will highlight a block of text.

Thanks to the latest technologies that has enabled the common people to get things done easily.


Documents and Important Things needed to Register in Digitize India:

Well, there are certain documents that must always be carried while registering in Digitize India.

  • Aadhaar card number is a mandatory one. Without it, the registration is totally incomplete.
  • PAN Card number is equally important in this case.
  • You should also be sure of the fact that the Aadhaar card is linked with your Bank account. It should be done most importantly.
  • Also, try to use the latest versions for carrying out the work. The latest versions can assist largely in authentication work.

Digital India has taken a great step to digitize India and create a proper platform for the mass. They have also involved and introduced the latest devices in doing this work. It is a great initiative that has been carried out by India.


Importance of Aadhar in Daily Life:

The most awkward and worsening situation is when you find Aadhaar Authentication Not Successful. Even many people become very nervous in such a situation. But never be disheartened. There are ample scopes for solving such a situation.

Even there are many agencies and organization that are working dedicatedly for those who cannot fix their own Aadhar authentication. They are quite prompt in dealing with such issues. Most importantly the individual should possess’ good devices and gadgets that will be efficient and fast at the same time.

The devices should act accordingly and must be updated from time to time. On the other hand, there are many websites that are also assisting people to fix their problem very easily. The only thing required is proper observation and understanding skills. through these basic qualities, a person can solely Fix the Problem of Aadhaar Authentication within a few minutes time.

Updated: May 4, 2019 — 2:45 pm

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