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With the development of science and technology, our lives have become simpler and smoother. But on the downside, there is also the fear of internet espionage and identity theft. All these criminal activities are undertaken with the misusage of the IT facilities. The issue has been staring us at the face and steps must be taken to put a stopper to it as soon as possible. Apart from online espionage, the common residents stand a chance of losing the details of their important documents. Thus, the government has been taking proactive measures for eliminating such chances. Let’s discuss regarding Digilocker scheme aka digilocker app all things that you need to know.


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Everything You Need To Know About Digilocker App - UIDAISERVICES.COM

The Union Government recently launched the digital or online locket campaign. The campaign was set off on the month of February, in the year of 2015. To avail the benefits of the scheme, you must be a legal inhabitant of the country. With the inaugural of the scheme, the government is trying to provide the residents with an online locker, where they will be able to store their confidential and important data, without worrying about online espionage. Each and every citizen will be allotted with a certain quantity of e-storage. It will safeguard the confidentiality of the documents.

It has happened to many residents of India in the past that they have lost their government documents and has failed to retrieve them at the hour of need. Information of the documents like PAN and Aadhaar card, birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, driving license, voter card details, in short, all the documents, which can be used for verifying the identity of a person, must be safeguarded. Thus, after a lot of deliberation, the government has come up with the ID’s Digital Locker scheme.


Features of Digital Locker Scheme

  1. Safety of documents: it is always a fear to lose your important documents. Losing these documents can cause you a huge problem, but you may not be sure about the safekeeping of these documents. DigiLocker is thus there to provide the safest option for keeping safe of all your government documents. The Aadhar provides this authentic service.
  2. Say goodbye to physical papers: Gone are the days when the individuals needed to carry the important papers in the form of hard copy. The method has been replaced by the e-documents, which can be easily uploaded in the e-locker with ease. When you will be uploading the information of the documents in the digital locker, you will have access to the safety codes and will be able to share the details only when the need is felt. It is another step towards the digitalization of the nation by which citizens of India is also benefitted.
  3. Individual e-storage space: When you apply for the scheme, you will be able to get access to the online storage space that is entitled to only the holder of the virtual locker. He will have the power to part with the info when the need arises. The virtual locker will be given to all legal citizens, on the presentation of authentic Aadhar card.
  4. Less paperwork: DigiLocker decreases or removes the requisite for paperwork and brings down the hazard that goes into categorization out documents furnished to the government agencies.
  5. Less administrative work and cost: it is obvious that huge manpower is required in storing all these files and verifying them every time. Also, it becomes hectic for the government officials to go through any special document of any citizen of India when they apply in front of any government institution. Thus reduce the administrative cost and cost of handling these documents it is very imperative to use software that can ease the work of the officials and through which they can access to any documents quite easily.
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Who can use DigiLocker?

People, firms, corporate organizations, government offices, and different foundations can profit by DigiLocker service. Three noteworthy key stakeholders benefit from this framework. They are citizens, issuers, and requesters.

  • Citizens can utilize DigiLocker to store and get to their archives whenever they want to. They can upload archives like PAN card, Aadhar card, college mark sheet, visa, and so forth. Residents can likewise get records on DigiLocker. Any issuer on DigiLocker can send reports to an enrolled DigiLocker user.
  • Apart from the holder of the virtual locker, the people in this specific government department will have the power to access the details, so that they can provide the citizens with the soft copy of the document, like the report card of the CBSE examination can be generated via DigiLocker. The method will eliminate the need of printing the hard copy.
  • Requestors additionally benefit from DigiLocker Scheme. Any administration offices that are putting forth some services to residents can ask for the citizen’s documents for processing any request.


How Safe is DigiLocker?

Anyone will feel a bit skeptical when it is asked to share the information of the personal documents. These documents are confidential for anyone and sharing they must be protected to keep them safe. Here in DIgilocker top-quality protection is provided to the documents that are stored on this platform. The safety features that are provided here in the DigiLocker are mentioned below:

  • Digilocker uses a high level of coding which provides maximum protection to the uploaded documents, and every uploaded file are tested and inspected internally, to make sure that the papers have been produced by following the authentic procedure, under the law of the land.
  • If you are worried about the safety of the info stored in the virtual locker, then you must know that the system is equipped with the secure socket layer (SSL) Encryption of 256 Bits. The system will ensure that the utmost security is given to the confidential papers.
  • For accessing the Digilocker OTP is required, and for carrying out every transaction, OTP is necessary. OTP authorizes every user activity and restricts some of the unwanted access. For accessing the DigiLocker biometric and OTP is necessary and thus DIgiLocker can only be used by the authorized Aadhar user. The signup of Aadhar is ISO 27001 certified. Another key feature of the application is, it cannot be accessed over the private Wi-Fi connections or HotSpot features.
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Advantages of DigiLocker

With the use of the Digilocker, the proper amount of safety is assured for all the government documents. Applicants do not need to carry the documents every time to the government offices rather it can be shared over the portal. Besides that, the administration and handling cost of the documents is also reduced as the application manages the documents and safely keeps them for the better access of the citizens of India.

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