Fees For Issuing or Correcting Aadhaar card Has been increased 2019 !

Now, to make a new Aadhar card or to make changes in it, it will cost Rs 20 more. Earlier, only 30 rupees were spent for this, now it will have to spend 50 rupees for this. At the same time, for any kind of correction in the base card, only Rs 50 will be paid.


Aadhaar Card Correction or New Aadhar card Fees Online

Aadhar card fees amount has been increased from UIDAI. Apart from this, only 30 rupees will be spent to get colour print out on A Four Paper. Given that the district has a population of about 16 lakhs and at present, about 48 base centres are working in the district. So far, the basis of 14 lakh 89 thousand 683 people has been created. Aadhaar card of 1.5 to 2 lakh people is still to be created.


aadhar card fees online


Talking about the city, Base Centers are being run in Civil Hospital, Antyoday Seva Kendra and Jan Suvidha Kendra. Every day people are crowded here. Most people come to the application due to change in the base. Earlier, only 30 rupees had to be paid for it, but now 50 rupees have to be paid. Apart from this, if anyone has to look at the base online and take a colourful print on A Four Paper, then he will have to pay 30 rupees for that.


Complain if Aadhaar Centres Demands More Amount !!

Now it is necessary to spend 50 rupees to make or change the Aadhar cards. Earlier this amount was only 30 rupees. Its letter has been received and this information has been given to all the aadhar centres. If someone takes more money as aadhar correction fees than this, then he can complain.

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