E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019

Hello reader how are you !! we hope you are good. Today we will discuss How to Download Aadhar Card Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 topic. Every Indian citizen needs an Aadhaar to take certain various government services right! Aadhaar card is 12 digit Unique Identification Number provided by Aadhaar Authority. Once an Individual Aadhaar holder request for Aadhaar card at Enrolment centre or any association where the process of making an Aadhaar is in progress, they can download Aadhaar card online with the help of provided Enrolment number, Virtual ID, Aadhaar number etc. following steps will help you to Download E-Aadhar at the online portal.

E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

How To Download Aadhar Card From eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019?

There is a number of ways to Download E aadhaar card online or even offline as well. Before you proceed to download your Aadhar card online make sure your Aadhar number has been already generated. Almost always After Applying For EID, it delivers at doorstep within 15 to 30 days. But If its not delivered yet then you can do uidai aadhar download process from here.

So the Government of India has prepared a internet platform where the applicant can download Electronic Aadhaar card (e-aadhaar).

You need following details:

  1. Enrollment Number OR VID Number OR Aadhaar Number
  2. Postal Code / Pin code or your area
  3. Registered Mobile number / Email Address For OTP Purpose.


These details are necessary to fill up eaadhaar download form on eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in website as per year 2019. If you have these information then you can proceed to below given steps.

1) E-Aadhar Card Download Via Enrolment ID !!

Aadhar holder can download their e-Aadhar by pointing EID option on the official website. it is also one of the options which through easily download Aadhaar card online. Point to remember if you have not Enrolment ID then don’t go through this method.

Visit uidai Aadhar download portal.

Locate “Download Aadhaar” option on the webpage. otherwise, click through uidai download

After coming on Aadhar Download homepage Enter 14 digits enrolment number and Date & Time of Enrol.

E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 1

Enter your personal details given on the form such as Full name, area pin code etc.

Fill captcha code to security purpose.

Click on “Request OTP” button.

Your One Time Password will be generated in your registered mobile number.

Enter OTP and press “Confirm” button.

You e-Aadhar card download Successfully.

2) Steps For Aadhar Card Download by Aadhaar Number

People can download e-Aadhar card by Aadhaar number only through official website of Unique Identification Authority of India. e-Aadhar is as valid as the Aadhar Letter, It has a Smart QRCode which can be used for offline verification.

You have to visit the official website of UIDAI: Click Here.

Locate “Download Aadhaar” option in the “Aadhaar Enrolment” section.

Now select “Aadhaar” option covered by “Enter your Personal Details” section.

There you will display two option.

  • Regular Aadhaar: If you want to Regular Aadhar then click on it.
  • Masked Aadhaar: If you want full digits Aadhar card click on this option.

you need to select the first option which (Regular Aadhaar) and enter your personal details such as your full name, Aadhaar number, Address etc.

Click on “Request OTP” button to generate a one time password for your e-Aadhar card.

Provide your personal details to Aadhar card authentication by clicking on “I Agree” option.

Click on “Confirm” option to send the OTP on your mobile number.

You will receive 6 to 8 digits OTP in your registered mobile number.

Enter the received OTP in Verify OTP box and click on “Download Aadhar” option.

e-Aadhar card download successfully.

3) How to Download Aadhaar Card by Virtual ID?

I don’t know why uidai has implimanted this option but somehow if you have VID (which is valid for 24 hours only) then you can download E aadhaar entering vid and password. if you dont have VID then you can generate VID Here.

Open official website here uidai.gov.in.
Then click on “Download Aadhaar” option.

E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 2











 Select the “VID” option which marked in below given screenshot.

E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 3

Enter 16 digits of Virtual ID number.

Enter full name as registered in your Aadhaar.

Enter your area Pincode of your address.

Enter Security code which known as Captcha code.

Then click on “Send OTP” button to generate OTP. in case you have m-Aadhaar app you can generate TOTP.

At the last e-Aadhar will be downloaded in PDF file on your gadget.

You can open that PDF file by entering the Aadhar card Password.

Yeah, it’s done.

How to Download Aadhar Card By Name & Date of Birth ?

In case if you lose or missed your Aadhaar Number & Enrollment Number then how can you get an e-Aadhar card from online portal? don’t act strangely still you have a chance to Download Aadhar card by name and date of birth. follow below given the procedure to download e-Aadhar card.

Simply visit the official website of Aadhaar card.

Then click to Find EID/UID tab on their page.

Enter your Full name, mobile number, email ID which all are registered with your Aadhaar number.

Enter security code to further process.

Click the “Send OTP” button to receive One Time Password in your mobile phone.

After received OTP enter it to click on the “Verify OTP” button.

Your Aadhaar enrolment number will display on your registered mobile number.

Then visit UIDAI Aadhar Download page (link) and navigate “I Have Aadhaar” Option.

Enter your personal details and captcha code.

Then click on “Request OTP” button. OTP will receive on your registered mobile number. Then enter it on the form and click on “Verify OTP” button.

At the end of process click on “Download Aadhaar” option to download your e-Aadhar.

How To Get Lost Aadhar Card Number On Your Mobile?

if you lost your Aadhar card to somewhere, you should visit the official website to get instant. UIDAI provides facility to recover Aadhaar number on their portal. Just follow below given simple steps to get your Aadhar card number. and those Aadhar number through you will able to download e-Aadhar card at uidai.gov.in.

  • First, open the UIDAI website here – resident.uidai.gov.in/get-aadhaar-no
    E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 4
  • Keep the Acknowledgement slip with you.
  • Enter the 14 digits enrolment number and Date & Time of enrolment which appears on your Acknowledgement slip.
  • Provide your registered mobile number
  • Enter the Security code to verify.
  • Click on “Send OTP” button to get OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • After getting OTP to submit it on the webpage.
  • Instantly you will receive a message along with your Aadhaar number on your mobile.

Aadhar Card Download PDF / Print Aadhar card / Aadhar Card Password

In case if you have not received Aadhaar card at your registered doorstep yet, You can download it as e-Aadhar as Portable Document Format (PDF) on your device. even there is no time limit to download e-Aadhar. You can download e-Aadhar a number of times from the UIDAI website. before you proceed for download, your mobile number must be registered with them. if the mobile number would not be linked with you Aadhaar, Then first link your mobile number to Aadhar card. otherwise, UIDAI will not allow you to download it.

After successfully downloading e-Aadhar, you will have to enter the Aadhar Card Password to open downloaded Aadhar card PDF file. What password can I enter to open Aadhar card PDFyou can enter a password which will contain with the first four letters of your name & Date of birth. after entering a password your Aadhar card will displays on your screen along with all your personal details as you provided at the time of enrolment. then you can Print your e-Aadhar card anytime.



E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 5

Frequently Asked Question


1) How can I Download e-Aadhar Card Online?
You need to visit Official website of UIDAI, there you can download your e-Aadhar card just providing necessary details such as Enrollment number, Virtual ID, Date & Time of Enrolment etc. It’s quite an easy process.

2) How to download my e-Aadhar card using Umang application?
  • First of all, you need to Umang login with your username & password.
  • Navigate the “Service” tab and click on “Aadhaar card” option.
  • Then click on “View Aadhaar card from Digilocker” option. There you will have to login with your Digilocker ID & Password.
  • You will receive One Time Password on your mobile
  • OTP will automatically detect into your application then you have to click on “Verify OTP” button.
  • Click on “Download” option
  • Your e-Aadhar will download on your mobile as PDF format. Just open PDF and provide Aadhar card Password.
  • Finish.

3) Recently I’ve lost my Original Aadhaar card, How can I Apply it again?
If you have lost your Original Aadhaar, don’t be sad UIDAI has arranged to download e-Aadhar from their official portal. You don’t need to apply again, Just download furnished with your Enrolment ID, Registered mobile number, Virtual ID etc. Otherwise, follow the above given steps.

4) Is it Possible to Download my Aadhar card through the Virtual ID?
  Yes, definitely you can download your Aadhar via Virtual ID. If you haven’t Virtual ID? then generate Aadhar Virtual ID by clicking on it.

5) Which applications provide to download e-Aadhar card services?
There are many applications are available in the app store which issued by Government of India such as Umang, Digilocker etc. but the most recommended is a mAadhaar app.

6) I’ve changed my registered mobile number & email ID. should I download my Aadhaar card?
No. you aren’t able to download your Aadhaar card without a registered mobile number. you need to visit your nearest permanent Aadhaar enrolment centre to Update Aadhar. then you will able to download e-Aadhar card at UIDAI website.

7) I forgot Aadhaar number, can I download my Aadhaar card using my mobile number?
In this situation you have to retrieve your Aadhaar number from UIDAI portal. then you are eligible to download Aadhaar card using your mobile number. follow below procedure to retrieve your Aadhaar number online.

  • Visit the Unique Identification Authority of India.
  • Click on “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” option from Aadhaar Enrolment section.
  • Select “Aadhaar Number (UID)” option to retrieve your Aadhaar number.
  • Provide your mentioned personal details and apply for Send OTP
  • Enter received OTP in the “Enter OTP” box.
  • You will get Aadhaar number on your registered mobile number.
  • go through received Aadhaar number on the official UIDAI portal and download your Aadhaar card.

8) What is Masked Aadhaar? How To Download Masked Aadhaar Card From uidai.gov.in 2019?
If you are want to disclose your Aadhaar number then go fo Masked Aadhaar. because Masked Aadhaar does not show complete digits of your Aadhaar Number it will display only last four digits. for download Masked Aadhaar you have to Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID first, then follow below given steps to download it.

  • Open uidai e aadhar download portal 2019 (Link).
  • Select any one option Aadhaar Number Enrolment Number VID
    E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 6
  • Search for “Select your preference” and choose “Masked Aadhaar” option.
  • Enter the given details on that webpage.
  • Request for OTP by clicking on “Request OTP” button.
  • Enter received OTP on the “Enter OTP” tab and click on “Download Aadhaar” option.
  • Your Masked Aadhaar will download successfully.

9) How to Download e-Aadhar card from Digilocker?
Open digilocker.gov.in and sign in with your username & password.

E-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in 2019 7

Enter your 12 digits Aadhaar Number.

Request for OTP and verify it.

Navigate “Issued Document” page and Download your Aadhar card by clicking on “Save” button.



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