How to Get Duplicate Aadhar Card Online? – Step By Step Process When Aadhar Card Lost!

Need to Download Duplicate Aadhar Card? Worry not! That’s exactly what this post is about. I’ll show you how to download your Duplicate (Govt. Approved) Aadhar card free without spending money! go through below given article and follow the steps. it’s very easy to Download your duplicate Aadhar card through the official web portal of UIDAI.


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Duplicate Aadhar Card is Not a Fake Copy of Aadhar Card

Now when the word “duplicate” is used, a lot of negativity surrounds it. So let me make something clear beforehand, we aren’t showing you some illegal process or method, the word duplicate here simply means an unoriginal, but the official copy of the document. Meaning it might not be the same copy of Aadhar Card you got from the govt, but it’s like a Xerox of the same document and it’s authorized by the government.

Before knowing how to download duplicate Aadhar card online, you need to have your real Aadhar card approved. This method should only be used if you’ve lost or misplaced your Aadhar Card. Also using this method to download Duplicate Aadhar card is totally legal and free to use, you won’t be in any legal trouble as long as you’ve seriously downloaded only your own Aadhar card’s duplicate copy which was approved by the government.


Why and When Would you Need a Duplicate Aadhar Card

The Aadhaar Card is a physical document, right? Something that can easily be misplaced or lost. But the problem is, the Aadhar card is one of the most important and acceptable forms of citizenship proof in India, isn’t it? It’s like your American Social Security number, so, of course, it’s natural that you might have to go through some problems if you lose your Aadhar Card.

It’s used to generate Passports, Get Employed, or in the least, get admitted in some educational institution. The point being, there are numerous reasons why you need to have your Aadhar card and the same no. of reasons why you shouldn’t lose it. But “to err is human”, isn’t it? So it’s okay if you’ve lost your Aadhar card, I’ll show you how to Download Online Duplicate Aadhar Card, that too for free!


What do I need to Download Duplicate Aadhar Card Online?

A good question, you can’t just login someplace and say “hey I’m Mr X, please give me my Aadhar Card”, right? And as I’ve already said, this “duplicate” aadhar card is based on the original one. So you’d need the 12 digits unique Aadhar Card No. before being able to download your duplicate copy. This is to verify that you had an original copy before losing it.

So if you’ve got hold of your unique 12-digit Aadhar Card no. You can download duplicate Aadhar Card easily. If you don’t have the 12 digit Number, just keep reading, I’ll show you how to get it.


Steps to Getting Duplicate Aadhar Card Online!


How to get/download duplicate aadhar card online?


  • You can’t use a digital Voter Card or a Digital Pan Card, but the good news is, a digitally downloaded copy of your Aadhar Card is totally valid and accepted throughout India!
  • Yeah, and that’s exactly what we would be downloading today.
    Getting your Unique 12 Digit Aadhar Card No
  • Considering you were extremely careless and you didn’t write down your 12 digit Unique Aadhar Card no. Somewhere, you’d need to re-obtain it, and here’s how.
  • Visit the official UIDAI website Here
  • From the two options at the top, select Aadhar No. (because that’s what we need to get!)
  • After that, type in your name exactly as it was written on your Aadhar Card.
  • Now you can use either your E-mail ID or Phone no. But make sure that whatever you use here, is the same Email ID/ Phone no. that you used while registering your Aadhar Card.
  • Just verify the Captcha, meaning type the characters exactly as they’re shown.
  • Now you’ll receive a message on your Phone no. /Email Id (depending on what you used in the above step!). This Message contains a unique OTP, enter that OTP on your screen to verify that you’ve got the message and that you’re the owner of that Phone no /Email ID.
  • Once you verify the OTP, you’ll receive your Aadhar Card No. on your Email ID/ Phone No.


Duplicate Aadhar Card Hard Copy

Download your lost Aadhar card duplicate copy from here

Download Duplicate Aadhar Card

So I’m guessing you’ve got your 12 digit Unique Aadhar Card no. by now, right?

If yes, then proceed to the UIDAI website.

Select “Aadhar” when the option comes. And enter these details:-

  • 12 Digit unique Aadhar Card no.
  • Full Name.
  • Pin Code of your location.

Now click on the option that says “Get One Time Password”.

Click “Confirm” if you want to receive the OTP on your Phone No. Or click cancel if you want it to be sent on your E-mail ID! Anyway, where you receive the OTP doesn’t matter. So once you receive the OTP, just enter the OTP on the screen where it says “Enter OTP”. Once the verification is completed, you can simply click on the “Validate and Download” button to download your Duplicate Aadhar Card.




Even though the process looks a bit clumsy because of all those OTP’s. It really isn’t. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Just keep entering the details as being asked, and you’ll receive your duplicate aadhar card. Hope this piece helped, if it did, I’d appreciate a comment from your side.

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