How to Link Ration Card With Aadhaar Card By Offline?

As per the Government edict, every Aadhaar holder should link Aadhaar card to all their vital official paper (Documents) such as Bank account, PAN card, Voter ID, Mobile Number, LPG Gas connection and Ration card as well. it has been made necessary to make sure that the welfare from all the govt services or schemes which arrive at the people. due to increased fraud and scams in Ration card, parliament has decided to link the individual Ration card with Aadhaar card. So How to Link Ration card with Aadhaar card offline? You cannot be linked through an online portal. because the government has not created any provision to link Ration card with Aadhaar card online. in brief details checkout below given instructions.


Short Details About Ration Card

Ration card is the significant official document that will through individual people received free ration such as food, grain and fuel from the Public Distribution System by govt of India. it serves these all facilities at the subsidized rate. aloof from dedication necessary food, grains etcetera at a very lower rate. economic status of the family BPL(Below Poverty Line) & APL(Above Poverty Line) people also continue to be used as address proof when petitioning for various government schemes such as Aadhaar card, PAN card etc.


An Advantage of Linking Aadhaar With Ration Card

  • Linking Aadhaar with Ration card through government system will identify a number of fraud and fake Ration card user who are benefiting subsidies which actually meant for BPL household.
  • Once the Aadhaar card linked with Ration card, Individual people cannot create more than one Ration card on the basis of fake details. and if he did, it caught instantly and would have been punished.
  • Deviation and percolation of Public Distribution System (PDS) also can be controlled.
  • Deceitful occupation can be hampered if the person can be linked Aadhaar with Ration card.
  • PDS Shops easily identify the genuine Ration card user through the biometric-enabled distribution system. in short, it helps PDS shop to identify them.


Which Documents are Required for Linking Ration Card With Aadhaar?

below listed document is necessary to link your Aadhaar with Ration card.

  1. Passport size photograph of your Ration card along with original one (On-site verification purpose only)
  2. Your all family member’s Aadhaar card xerox copy.
  3. Head of family member Aadhaar card’s Passport photo (1 copy)
  4. Bank passbook front page xerox copy, In case your bank account is not linked with Aadhaar.


How To Link Aadhaar With Ration Card By Visiting PDS Centre? [Offline Method]




Ration card is the most senior proof of the residence in our country. In such cases people have obtained more than one ration card due to this other person will not be able to get the various benefit. that’s why our government of India has pronounced to compulsorily link ration card with their Aadhaar card by visiting PDS centre.

Aadhaar holder need to visit their nearest PDS centre or Ration shop.

Carry all necessary documents above mentioned along with Passport size photo of head of family.

If your bank account is not linked with Aadhaar, you should submit the copy of your Bank Passbook. later you can Link your Bank account with Aadhaar card here.

You should submit all documents which given above along with a copy of your Aadhaar at Ration shop.

Ration shop executive will take biometric fingerprint details because of first time linking of your Ration card with Aadhaar.

At the end of process you will notify by SMS on your registered mobile number.



Link Aadhaar With Ration Card by Sending SMS !!

You can link your Aadhaar with Ration card through SMS, for that you need to type a message in below given format.

  • UID SEED <State Short Code> <Scheme/Program Short Code> <Scheme/Program ID> <12 Digits Aadhaar Number>
  • Then send it to 51969 Number.
  • Example: UID SEED MH POSC 9695743 123477699112
  • You shall receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile “Successful linking of Aadhaar card with Ration card

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