LPG Subsidy Not Received / Credited in My Bank Account

LPG Subsidy (PAHAL DBTL Scheme) has been enrolled in entire districts of India from 1st January 2015. What does this mean? This means that if you have completed the formalities of aadhar card seeding then you should have received the LPG subsidy amount in your bank.


LPG Subsidy Not Received / Credited in My Bank Account 1

This is confusing since I am still getting LPG Cylinder on subsidized rate why should have I received or credited LPG subsidy amount in my bank I mean before 31st March 2015. Well, the simple answer to this question is the government is proving the LPG Subsidy amount in advance in your bank account. This means that the excess money that you will have to pay from 1st April onwards is already provided to you from the government side. As soon as you will pay the market rate price for LPG Cylinder you should receive the Subsidy amount again the very next working day.

So you will always have one time LPG Subsidy amount with you in advance. There have been a lot of people who have already enrolled in this scheme and are not aware of the fact that they should have received the LPG Subsidy amount in your bank until now.


Pahal LPG Subsidy Not Received in My Bank, What Shall I Do?

You have to, first of all, check your Aadhar card seeding status. Please follow this link to check Aadhaar Card Seeding Status. Now you should have known what is wrong. This will help you to correct the wrong link which has caused LPG Subsidy not received in your account. Since this, a new scheme and there has to be some kind of human error which will cause such problems. I would like to request all the readers of my blog to share all such problems with us so that we can find an appropriate solution to that.

Updated: April 15, 2019 — 1:32 pm

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