What is Masked Aadhaar?: Download The Masked Aadhar Card at uidai.gov.in 2019

What is Masked Aadhar?

The rate of crime is gradually increasing. Keeping this in mind Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI has issued a new form of Aadhar Card. It is presumed that the new form of Aadhar Card often coined as “masked aadhar card” will be far better and secured for an individual. Before going deep into the subject it is essential to know about the latest Aadhar card.

Through masked Aadhar, a person will only be eligible to know about the last 4 digits of the card. Usually, the Aadhar card constitutes of 12 digits. If the last 4 digits can be viewed the rest 8 digits will remain protected. Apart from this, all other information related to the Aadhar Card such as a photograph, QR Code will be visible by all. The latest design of Aadhar card is much more Protective in nature.


What is the Validity of Masked Aadhar Card?

As this card is issued by the competent authority named UIDAI so it is valid everywhere. There is no such severe question regarding its validity. The process of verification becomes quite easy by using this latest card.

  • From now onwards no need to share or display the Aadhar number for verification. You can simply use or share the masked Aadhar feature.
  • Through this, the original digits will remain protected and the last 4 digits can be displayed. It somehow lowers the risk of fraud or cheating.
  • This type of card has a certain time limit. Any person can get a new one through the website. Once the fresh card is served the older one is automatically revoked by the authority.
  • Government is making the possession of masked Aadhar card mandatory for all. It is equally important for the safety and security of the whole nation.


Importance of Masked Aadhar:

What is masked Aadhar? For the convenience of the common man, it is important to know clearly about the subject. Masked Aadhar is basically a regular Aadhar card that allows the user to avail the various types of services without sharing the Aadhar number. A regular Aadhar card used to display all the numbers and this was not at all safe. But with the introduction of the new one no need to display the first 8 digits. Only the last 4 ones will be visible to the viewers.

Even the QR code that is available on the masked Aadhar Card is much more reliable than the IDs that are displayed on the regular Aadhar card. The Masked card is also digitally signed and absolutely verified by UIDAI.

What is Masked Aadhaar?: Download The Masked Aadhar Card at uidai.gov.in 2019 1


How To Download Masked Aadhar Card From UIDAI?

You can download your e-Aadhaar in either of the two forms such as Regular e-Aadhaar and Masked Aadhaar. But here we’re talking about Masked Aadhaar card so, now let’s follow the complete procedure of downloading the Masked Aadhar Card. Through this piece of information, an individual can easily download their individual card from the website.

  • In the initial level, you have to visit the official website of UIDAI. It is a Government website. Once you click on the website there will be the option of downloading Aadhar. E-Aadhar can be generated in mainly two forms. One is the regular Aadhar and the second one is the Masked Aadhar.

What is Masked Aadhaar?: Download The Masked Aadhar Card at uidai.gov.in 2019 2

  • If you want to opt for the Masked Aadhar you have to simply click on it. UIDAI usually provides the resident with three options for e-Aadhar. The first one is the enrolment number. Through this, an individual has to put the 28 digit enrolment number.

What is Masked Aadhaar?: Download The Masked Aadhar Card at uidai.gov.in 2019 3

  • The second one is the process by which the resident has to put the 12 digit Aadhar number that is printed on the card. Put the digits correctly and then download the e-Aadhar.
  • Even an individual can also put the Virtual ID or 16 digit VID for downloading the masked Aadhar Card. Now enter your full name and Pin Code of the area along with security code that is displayed on the website. Each and every information’s given must be absolutely correct.

What is Masked Aadhaar?: Download The Masked Aadhar Card at uidai.gov.in 2019 4

  • Once everything is put review the full information’s and then click on the submit button. The moment you will click an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number. Now put the OTP and click on the download Aadhar option.
  • In order to open the e-Aadhar card an individual needs a password. The password should always be a combination of 4 digits of his or her name along with the 4 digits of the year of birth in YYYY format. It should be strictly followed under any circumstances. Further, the password is always available in PDF form. You have to open the PDF file to know the password. This process is much better.


What Is The Password Of Downloaded Masked Aadhaar?

After successfully downloading the Masked Aadhaar card through UIDAI Website you see it will be password protected.

But the Question is How To Open Password Protected E-AADHAAR?

Don’t worry we have a Solution.

Here is the Example:

What is Masked Aadhaar?: Download The Masked Aadhar Card at uidai.gov.in 2019 5


Benefits of Using Masked Aadhar Card:

There are ample benefits of using such a card as complete privacy is maintained.  You are now quite safe from any type of fraud or big cheating . Reports have also proved the fact that the earlier card was quite risky as anyone could easily know about the number of the card. The meaning of masked aadhaar card is much wider.

Some noted benefits are listed below:

  • Government of India has really taken a legitimate step by introducing the Masked Aadhar Card. The process of verification is much easier and safer.
  • It is also a significant process of stopping fraud and other illegal activities.
  • In fact, downloading an Aadhar with Digi Locker is much better and nice. For downloading the Aadhar you have to open Digi Locker in your device. Now click on the three lines in the left corner and click on the “issued documents”.
  • Now all your issued documents will show as a picture. Three dots will appear on the right side of the Aadhar card. You have to click on it and download it.
  • Once your Aadhar card is downloaded, you can use it as per your wish.

In short, there are ample ways of downloading the Aadhar card. People should know the actual process of downloading. Once it is clear to everyone the whole process becomes much easier. It is expected that the above discussion on Masked Aadhar Card and its process of downloading will help the common man to a great extent.

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