New Rules for Misuse of Aadhar card : Penalty will be upto 10 Million !!

President Ramnath Kovind has approved the Ordinance of Voluntary Use as the ID proof of Aadhar card for opening a new bank account and for getting a SIM card. After the President’s approval, no one in the country can now use the Aadhaar card as ID proof to open a bank account or to get a SIM card. In order to open a bank account or to get a SIM card, the government has come out with the ordinance if the Bill is brought to the Rajya Sabha from the government for the use of Aadhar card as ID proof.

aadhaar card misuse

The penalty for Misuse of Aadhar card will be up to 1 crore

With the approval of the new Ordinance, the new rules regarding the misuse of the premises have also been implemented by the government. Failure to comply with the rules of the Aadhar Act can be fined up to Rs. 1 crore on the company or institution. There is also a provision to impose an additional fine of Rs. 10 lakh per day for not paying this amount.

After the implementation of the new Aadhaar and other law amendment ordinance, service provider companies will not be able to voluntarily store the basic biometric information and base number of people giving ID as a basis to the Aadhaar. Apart from this, the person not giving the Aadhaar number cannot be denied the services like a bank account or SIM card.


These Rules also came into Force

  • After the implementation of the new Ordinance, physical or electronic verification can be done offline or in other ways by supporting the holder’s consent.
  • A minor base holder can cancel his base number upon completion of 18 years of age.
  • This new Ordinance will not be effective on the Section-57 of the Aadhaar Act. Section-57 allows the use of base data of private companies.
  • Use of given base data for identity verification will be a three-year jail and a penalty of Rs 10,000. If any company

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