How to Validate Digital Signature On e-Aadhaar Online?

Validate Digital Signature On e-Aadhaar | Online Process

Aadhar card is a mandatory item in the present world. It is quite essential that a person should have an Aadhar card to establish his identity. There is ample importance of Aadhar card. The signature that is found in the card has a great significance. This sign is termed as Digital Signature. But what is a digital signature? It is actually a mathematical process through which authenticity can be judged easily.

There are some countries in the world that have legalized digital signatures for verifying various important documents. The mode of working of the digital signature is quite interesting.  It mainly works on public key cryptography that is often known as asymmetric cryptography.  But our main topic is the steps to validate a digital signature, especially on an Aadhar card.

How to Validate Digital Signature On e-Aadhaar Online? 1


 Procedure to Validate Digital Signature on Aadhar Card 

After downloading the e-Aadhaar card online, it is necessary to validate its digital signature. This process is very simple even you can do that online! Let us follow some simple steps by which a digital signature can be verified in an Aadhar Card. Apparently, the whole steps may appear to be a bit tough but actually, it is a much easier process.

  • The two things that are mainly required for the download process is download Aadhar Card PDF and secondly, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Once it is downloaded you have to open the PDF File in PDF Converter Professional.
  • A digital signature field will appear and you have to click on the left side.
  • Now click on the “verify the signature”. Again click on the properties and then simply click on the “verify identity”.
  • There will be an option and you have to add “contact information for the “certified owner”.
  • Click “add to list” and then click to “close”.
  • Now next click on the “verify the signature”.
  • The validity status that was once shown will now indicate “signature is valid”.
  • When all the formalities are completed, you have to click on the close menu.
  • If observed carefully it will be noticed that the column of Digital Signature will show a check mark and will display “signature verified”.

How to Validate Digital Signature On e-Aadhaar Online? 2If somehow there is a display on the screen that validity unknown then it simply indicates that your Aadhar card is not verified, properly and so it should be verified soon. In order to make it verified, you have to trust on the Digital certificates that come along with PDF. Once the digital signature is verified you will observe a green tick or mark on it.


Proper Use of Validated Aadhar Card:

In fact, now it must be clear to all how to validate the digital signature in Aadhar. The next thing that must be discussed in this context is how one should use and apply for a validated Aadhar Card. A very scientific and logical decision will be to take a print out of the Aadhar card once the signature is verified. This is because if you save it in your device then after sometime when you will open it there may be the same case. The device may again show “validity unknown”.

So it would always be a wise decision to take a print out of the same and keep it for future reference.


Role of Adobe Acrobat in Digital Signature:

The role of Adobe Acrobat is quite important in the digital signature. If you are not using Adobe Acrobat then it is important to download it immediately.How to Validate Digital Signature On e-Aadhaar Online? 3

  • It can be simply done by using the latest window versions along and then untick the two boxes under optional offers and then click to install.
  • If you are by chance using an old version then simply click on the “do you have a different language or Operating System”.
  • Choose your preferred language along with the versions available on the screen. Then click to download.
  • Once the downloading is completed, you can commence your work. So while validating the digital signature in Aadhar Card Adobe Acrobat plays a very crucial role.

If a person is well aware of the whole process of validation then it hardly takes few minutes to validate a digital signature on an Aadhar Card. It is equally important to complete all the formalities in time because the Aadhar Card is an important document.

Updated: May 16, 2019 — 12:12 pm

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