What is Aadhaar Virtual-ID / VID ? How to Generate UIDAI Virtual ID Online?

The virtual ID or VID in aadhaar card is a 16 digit revocable random number which is charted with the Aadhaar number. that can be used for authentication. That means if you want to do any type of transaction & eKYC services? You can provide Aadhaar virtual ID to agencies instead of your number. This virtual  facility implemented on 1st June 2018 which is found by UIDAI. If you are interested then read more info about it in this article.

aadhaar virtual id


What is Aadhaar Virtual ID?

  • Virtual Identification (VID) is a 16-digit random number that would be mapped to your Aadhar Number.
  • This will be a temporary number that shall be automatically revoked once the authentic person generates a new VID or after the expiration of validity of the default VID specified by UIDAI privacy policy.
  • Only the authentic person would be able to generate the this 16 digits identification number. They have implemented One time password system to prevent unauthorized person from generating it.

How To Generate Aadhaar Virtual ID Online? 

People can generate the virtual ID online by visiting the official website. This UIDAI virtual ID generation feature will be available in the mAadhaar app very soon. If your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar card then you are eligible to generate Aadhaar virtual ID online. You can do linking process offline by visiting your nearest post office of uid kendra. You can use this generated VID instead of your uid number. Just follow below given steps. It’s quite simple.

First, visit the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India [Click Here]

Then you will display the home page of that website and click on “Virtual ID (VID) Generator” option. otherwise, click on the Direct link of VID Generator

What is Aadhaar Virtual-ID / VID ? How to Generate UIDAI Virtual ID Online? 1

Enter the asked details there and then wait for otp. You’ll get otp in registered mobile number so that sim card should be handy at that time.

What is Aadhaar Virtual-ID / VID ? How to Generate UIDAI Virtual ID Online? 2

Enter the OTP and select Generate VID option.

What is Aadhaar Virtual-ID / VID ? How to Generate UIDAI Virtual ID Online? 3

After selecting Generate VID option click on “Submit” option.

Now you will show message on your screen like “Your VID Number Successfully Generated

What is Aadhaar Virtual-ID / VID ? How to Generate UIDAI Virtual ID Online? 4

You will get VID on your registered mobile number

What is Aadhaar Virtual-ID / VID ? How to Generate UIDAI Virtual ID Online? 5

Now it’s done.


Some Key Features Of UIDAI Virtual ID

The virtual ID is a Temporary 16 digit code, which through you can authenticate your Aadhaar card detail.

All service providers, such as telecoms accepts this if you don’t want to give them uid.

At a time you can issue only one virtual ID. when will you Generate another one, your old number won’t work.

Association have no rights to store the virtual Number details.

There are no limited attempts for this procedure.

no one can retrieve your Aadhaar number from the virtual ID that’s the beauty of this code.

It’s Not a mandatory thing like aadhar and pan card linking.

People can change Aadhaar card address using this ID.


What is Aadhaar Virtual-ID / VID ? How to Generate UIDAI Virtual ID Online? 6


Using Aadhaar Virtual ID what benefit you could possibly get?
  • First of all your aadhar number is going to be safe and unrevealed because its impossible to retrieve uid number from vid.
  • By This your private information linked to uidai like biomatrics and personal details will be safe.


Will Virtual ID (VID) Solve Aadhaar card’s Security Problems?

So many people asking us questions about aadhaar cards privacy or security problem and will VID Solve the aadhar’s Security problems. So here is a small explanation of us.

If you don’t want to disclose your aadhaar number then virtual id is there for you to help. The UIDAI has introduced the concept of “Virtual ID” and “Limited KYC” to further strengthen the security of aadhaar data. It is hoped that VID will provide “A MULTIPLE LAYERED SECURITY” to reinforce privacy protection for aadhaar holders. Users can go to the uidai website uidai.gov.in to generate their virtual id. Since it is a digital id, aadhar holders can regenerate it multiple times, making it safer than providing your actual aadhaar number. The ID Along with biometrics of the user would be enough for verification. It is basically a random 16 digit number. At Present, The VID is valid for a minimum of one day. Service providers have already started to accepting VID in place of aadhaar number. Most Importantly, It will not be possible to derive the aadhaar number from virtual id.


What is the validity Of Aadhaar Card VID?

The Validity of vid is one day. Or 24 hours after you generate the vid. In other words, after you generate Virtual ID it will be valid for one day only.


Important Points To Kept In Your Mind About Aadhaar Virtual ID

If you want to generate VID online!! you must have an Aadhaar number. if you don’t have it than go and enroll first.

UIDAI Implemented this concept only because the questions and challenges they have faced of the privacy and data protection.

According to latest news your virtual ID will remain valid until the new VID generated by the holder. They have removed validity period of this number.

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