What is PVC Aadhar Card? Make your e-Aadhar like Plastic Aadhar Card !!

PVC Aadhar card represents a plastic aadhaar card which your UID number will be printed on it. PVC Aadhar is also known as Aadhar Smart card. Here we shared a complete guide on how to get a PVC aadhar card. This is the official information that we are collected from the official website. We also pretty sure that, the information which we are represented as accurate as on UIDAI official website.

This is the most common questions that every user do have nowadays!

1) What is PVC Aadhar card?

2) How to apply for PVC Aadhar card?

3) UIDAI rules and regulations on PVC! – Must Read

4) Is there any advantage to get PVC Aadhar card?


There you go step by step information about PVC online. If you have any doubts about this information then do leave a comment here at the end of the post.

PVC Aadhar card

1) What is a PVC Aadhar card?

The PVC Aadhar card is just like a normal aadhar card. But more like to be as a plastic aadhar card.

The main reason why most of the people will go for aadhar PVC Aadhar card is waterproof and hard to tear it.

However, the Government of India has never represented on their official website to have those type of plastic cards are mandatory to print.

The agencies who have been tied up with the government as a part of digital India are claiming that PVC is more like a smart card or plastic card.


2) How To Apply For PVC Aadhar card?

Seriously! Do you really need a plastic PVC Aadhar card? It’s all up to whether to get it or not. But, if you really need it just follow the below steps.

1. If you want your aadhar card to get it printed on the plastic card, just contact the nearest enrollment office. However, some of the nearest enrollment offices are not providing this service.

2. Otherwise, you can contact the nearest printing machine services, where they scan your ID card and print it on the plastic card.


Alternative Option

Instead of going for a PVC aadhar card, just laminate your colour xerox aadhaar card and use that one.

Mark: Don’t laminate the original one. Please do use the colour xerox copy and use that one as your regular ID.


3) UIDAI Rules And Regulations On PVC Aadhar Card


  • UIDAI Official NoticeThe Unique Identification Authority Of India cautions people to those people who are charging anywhere between 50 to 200 INR for printing aadhaar card in the name of the smart card on plastic paper.

The downloaded version of aadhaar card on an ordinary paper is perfectly valid and no need to get the PVC type one. The Unique Identification Authority of India had never announced to the public either on a press release that having the PVC/Smart Card is mandatory or never released any official notice to common service centre’s. The paper version ID is just enough. And, you really no need to get that PVC type of version. – CEO of UIDAI, DR. Ajay Bhushan Pandey.


If you still want to get your ID laminated: Then contact the nearest Enrollment service centre. The charge for the Lamination is just 30/-. Paying more than that money is offensive.


  • The UIDAI Also stated on their press release as:
Any online merchants who are collecting the public aadhaar information for printing of aadhaar card is a criminal offence punishable with imprisonment under Indian Penal Code and also Chapter VI of The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016. ” – UIDAI Authority Of India.


3) Is there Any Advantage to get PVC Aadhar card?

  • Easy to carry because it is soft, flexible and weightless.
  • Water resistant because it has the capacity to replace rubber.
  • PVC Aadhar Card has a long life because it has high quality and it is durable.


PVC Aadhar Card Printing

Print the various type of Aadhar card online before you proceed PVC Aadhar card printing must know what is the difference between plastic aadhaar card and PVC aadhar? Should you opt for PVC type or plastic? Here we cover the information related to this so that you will get an idea.

UIDAI Card has been mainly printed on four types of cards:

  1. Plastic aadhar card
  2. On Paper
  3. PVC Aadhaar Card
  4. Lamination Card


Let me share you the complete details regarding a various type of Aadhaar card before you get the actual one. Basically, the difference is just nothing and you can opt whatever you wish for like if you want for plastic one. Just go for that or paper one your wish at the end.

Paper Aadhar Card: Paper UID card is a simple one and as per UIDAI, it’s a completely valid document to use as an original identity purpose.

 Plastic Aadhar Card: However, the UIDAI Unique Identification Authority Of India had never announced either on their official website or through the news that UID users must go for plastic aadhar card. but, you can apply for it in case if you want it. Plastic aadhar card is also a valid document.

 PVC Aadhar Card: PVC is more likely to look alike as a plastic card. But, the material used is kinda different. You can opt for it in case if you need it. The cost for PVC is only 30/- and can available at any aadhaar common service centre.

 Lamination: Lamination is just like same as plastic. But, here your paper UID will be laminated. And, it’s also a completely valid document.


 e-Aadhar Card Download HERE


Hope you get an idea about the different types of Plastic aadhar card online and how to apply for it. For more information just do check out our blog so that you will get an idea.

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