[Resolved] Why Aadhaar Update Request Rejected?

It may happen that there are certain updations requested in your Aadhar Card. This is quite natural. Generally, updations in Aadhar card constitutes of two categories. One is the Demographic and the other one is the Biometric update. Both the updates are very essential. The applicant in most of the cases can check the status of update or changes through the respective website.

[Resolved] Why Aadhaar Update Request Rejected? 1

The website can be quite informative in such a situation. Once your updation requirement is submitted, you will get an acknowledgement receipt. This acknowledgement receipt can be quite helpful in tracing the actual status of the card. This slip should be preserved with great care. A person may be worried if he observes that Aadhaar Update Rejected.


Steps to Follow for Aadhaar Update:

There are certain steps that must be followed in order to trace the status of the Aadhar updates. If you sincerely follow it you can definitely get a solution. If you see that the site provides that can’t update aadhaar card then you can follow some steps.

  • The first step in this regard is to open the website that is uidai.gov.in.
  • Once the page opens you will notice the Aadhar update menu. Simply click on it.
  • Under this category, click on” check status”. It will appear to update online.
  • Now enter the Aadhar number along with URN and SRN. You have to enter the text verification and click on the “Get Status”.
  • A page will be redirected that will clearly state the status of your updated Aadhar card.


If by Chance You Have an Enrolment Centre Near You then You can also Verify Through it.

The Aadhar enrolment centre is the best way by which you can check the status of your updated Aadhar even in offline mode. You have to simply carry with you the acknowledgement slip that would be quite helpful in getting the status. At the enrolment centre, the executives will simply put the data and within a few seconds, the whole status will be displayed on the screen. Once they get the report they will inform it to the applicant. This is also considered to be a convenient step. So, no need to worry if you can’t correct the Aadhaar card.


Effective Steps to Check Aadhar Updates through other Modes:

If you are not able to check the status in online mode there is also an offline mode that would be more convenient for an individual while checking the status.

  1. Call on 1947 and an executive will entertain you all the time. They will ask you for the URN number. Once you inform them with the number they will furnish you about the status of the Aadhar card.
  2. There are even valid postal addresses along with phone numbers that will also inform about the details of the Aadhar card. This facility is mainly availed by people who reside in remote areas.
  3. Even UIDAI also provides its customers with fax numbers that are quite convenient for knowing the status of the updated Aadhar card.
  4. Most of the time the applicants can also know the status of the updated Aadhar card through the mail. UIDAI has provided a valid email address in this regard.


Why Aadhaar Update Request Rejected?

Why is My Aadhaar Update Request being Rejected? To be very specific most of the time it is seen that an Aadhar card gets rejected soon after the application. There may be ample reasons behind this.

  • If wrong and fake identity cards are provided, then it may a major cause of rejection. So it is always better to provide true identity documents.
  • The self -attested document is a very essential one. If the applicant does not produce a self- attested document, then the card may be rejected.
  • On the other hand, if the supporting documents are not in the name of the resident then it may be a good cause of rejection of Aadhar card.
  • The documents that need to be uploaded through online mode must be scanned properly. If it’s not done then it cannot be accepted by the concerned authority.
  • The mobile number provided in the Aadhar card must be accurate. If not provided properly then it may be a major concern of rejection.

Aadhar Card is a very important document that needs to be properly submitted along with Required Documents. Slight negligence on the part of the applicant can lead to the rejection of the whole document with other difficulties.

Updated: May 3, 2019 — 11:49 am

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